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Information and Articles About Underground Railroad, one of the causes of the civil war Underground Railroad summary: The Underground Railroad was the term used to describe a network of meeting places, secret routes, passageways and safe houses used by slaves in the U.S. to escape slave holding states to northern states and Canada.

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It was a highly secretive system... Use the links below or the navigation at the top to learn the basics about the Underground Railroad – what it was, how it worked and why it was necessary.

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The Underground Railroad: A Record of Facts, Authentic Narratives, Letters, &c., Narrating the Hardships, Hair-Breadth Escapes and Death Struggles of the Slaves in ...

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Its most famous conductor was Harriet Tubman.; The Underground Railroad (UR) was not underground nor was it a railroad. It was called "underground" because of its secretive nature and "railroad" because it was an emerging form of transportation.

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Fascinating information about the incredible Underground Railroad. Over the years, the Underground Railroad had a number of conductors, but it wasn't a train that they were operating.

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the Underground Railroad was not a railroad but instead a series of safe houses and people who provided safe passage for slaves wanting to escape the South to go to the North or to go to Canada where slavery did not exist.

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The Underground Railroad was a lifeline for slaves escaping to freedom, and Harriet Tubman was undoubtedly one of its most famous "conductors."

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Find a summary, definition and facts about the Underground Railroad for kids. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for kids. Information about the Underground Railroad for kids, children, homework and schools.

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30 Facts about Harriet Tubman. Home; About Us. Donate Now! Our Team; ... The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by enslaved ...


The Underground Railroad - a list of facts about this network of escape routes and hideouts used by escaped slaves to reach freedom. This information is written in a style that is good for both kids and adults.

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Concise history of the Underground Railroad, the secret network that helped fugitive slaves.

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Underground Railroad. Introduction: Underground Railroad is a name given to the early 19th century secret movement organized to help black slaves escape from slavery.The movement was run by a variety of people that included white abolitionists, free blacks, freed slaves and fugitive slaves.

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In this American history lesson, we'll learn how slaves in the 1700s and 1800s found their way to freedom by way of the Underground Railroad. Read...


FACTS AND LEGENDS CONCERNING THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD IN TOPSHAM AND BRUNSWICK. MAINE Compiled by: Mark Cheetham, Richmond, Maine With the realization that in some cases the oral history passed down to us is the

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In this lesson we will discuss how the Underground Railroad worked and why it was important. Learn more about the secret paths that many slaves...

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Aug 13, 2016 · In "The Underground Railroad," his new novel about American slavery, Colson Whitehead courageously opens his eyes where the rest of us would rather look away.

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In March 2017 the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center was inaugurated in Maryland within Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park. As enacted ...

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There is no information about her other ancestors. ... Next – Underground Railroad interesting facts >> Categories. Biography; Underground Railroad; Civil War;

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The Underground Railroad was not a railroad at all. It was a network of safe houses for slaves that were trying to escape to freedom. Since the inception of

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The Underground Railroad, a vast network of people who helped fugitive slaves escape to the North and to Canada, was not run by any single organization or person.

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Harriet Tubman became famous as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad during the turbulent 1850s. Born a slave on Maryland's eastern shore, she endured the harsh existence of a field hand, including brutal beatings.

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Kids learn about the biography of Harriet Tubman, leader in the Underground Railroad who led many slaves to freedom. ... Fun Facts about Harriet Tubman.

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The Underground Railroad, for kids, comes alive in this issue, which traces the many routes slaves took and the obstacles they faced, and also focuses on some of the line's heroes, like Harriet Tubman, who kept the railway running and pushed for the...